Wapiti Buckskinners
Wapiti Buckskinners Historical Group

The Wapiti Buckskinners welcome you!

We are a group of history-loving folks who enjoy getting together to recreate our past, specifically the era of the North American fur trade and the early frontier time period of the late 1700's and early 1800's. Our name comes from the Shawnee word for elk, Wapiti.

Since 2007 we have held a Fall rendezvous each year featuring a school day on Friday and public attendance on Saturday and Sunday.

In 2012 our group organized as the Wapiti Buckskinners Historical Group, a Minnesota non-profit corporation with a mission "to promote the concept that our past can be best appreciated by researching and re-enacting periods of early American history while encouraging and teaching others about it through demonstrations and hands-on experiences."

Also in 2012 we moved our Fall rendezvous to Nowthen, Minnesota, to the grounds of the Nowthen Historical Power Association (Nowthen Threshing Show). On the third full weekend of September each year we fill the fields with canvas lodges, traders, blacksmiths, craftsmen, competitions of archery, tomahawk and musket, and much more. Our participants (over 30 camps last year!) bring to life the traditions and skills of the early frontier.

Our "school day" on Friday has historical and educational demonstrations and workshops for school-aged children. We welcome public and private schools as well as home school groups and families. A great hands-on learning opportunity!
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